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"Ireland's ruins are historic emotions surrendered to time."
-Horace Sutton

Gravestones at Quin Friary, Co. Clare

Poulnabrone Dolmen, Co. Clare

Co. Tipperary countryside from Rock of Cashel

Doorway of Drumcliffe Church, Co. Sligo - burial place of poet William Butler Yeats

Stained glass interior of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Glenmacnass waterfall, Co. Wicklow

"An Irishman's heart is nothing but his imagination."
-George Bernard Shaw

Local Recommendations
The following 3 locations in Doolin have been reserved for Saturday 5/19 to Tuesday 5/22 (3 nights).  These charming boutique hotels, with only 12 rooms or fewer each, will basically be the private accommodations of our wedding guests.  They're perfect for larger groups of guests who may want to stay in close proximity to one another.

Because these 3 hotels have been reserved in our name, coordination of the hotel guest list has to come through us (please do not contact the hotels directly to reserve).  If you have not already made arrangements and wish to stay in one of these hotels, please contact Marnie (
marnv@aol.com) with your preferences as soon as possible.  Final reservations in these hotels must be made no later than February 15, 2007. 

Tír gan Éan House Hotel - Modern new hotel right in town, great for the 'party animals'.  Discount rate of 90 euro per room (double or triple occupancy) or 120 euro per family room (sleeps 4), per night.  Includes breakfast. 
Ballyvara House - Country farmhouse setting, great for families travelling with children.  Discount rate of 90 euro per room (double or triple occupancy) or 120 euro per family room or suite (sleeps 4), per night.  Includes breakfast. 
Ballinalacken Castle Hotel - A bit more sedate and off the beaten path, for those seeking some quiet luxury.  Rates from 83-138 euro per person per night for double rooms.  Includes breakfast, and dinner the night of Saturday 5/19.  Check with Marnie for details.

"One wonders in this place, why anyone is left in Dublin, or London, or Paris where it would be better, one would think to live in a tent or a hut, with this magnificent sea and sky, and to breathe this wonderful air which is like wine in one's teeth."
-John Millington Synge

Some additional recommendations in Doolin:
Fuschia Cottage - (self-catering cottage, sleeps up to 6)
Daly's Bed & Breakfast
Cullinan's Guesthouse
Doolin Activity Lodge

Also Nearby (10-15 minutes from Doolin):
Gregan's Castle Hotel - Ballyvaughan
Ballyportry Castle - Corofin (self-catering, sleeps up to 10)
Admiralty Lodge - Milltown Malbay
Bellbridge House Hotel - Spanish Point
Ballynagowan (Smithstown) Castle - Kilfenora (self-catering, sleeps up to 8)

Note - Book your accommodations as early as possible, as there is a large, popular traditional music festival being held in nearby Ennis that weekend, as well as late May being the beginning of the busier part of the tourist season.

"Imagination is a quality given a man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is."
-Oscar Wilde

Accommodations all around Ireland

B&Bs and Guesthouses
Town & Country Homes - the Irish B&B experience
Irish Farmhouse Holidays - farmhouse B&B hospitality
Irish B&B Guide - guide to booking B&B accommodation online Bedireland.com - Ireland's guesthouse network

"This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever."
-Sigmund Freud (about the Irish)

Hotels and Inns
Hotelsireland.com or Irelandhotels.com (take your pick!)
Friendly Homes of Ireland - country inns, historic houses, family homes and intimate hotels
Bewleys hotels - I highly recommend the Ballsbridge location if you plan to spend any time in Dublin. Only 99 euro per night, located in a posh neighborhood convenient to the city center! This neighborhood is my old Dublin stomping grounds. Don't miss the fish and chips at the Embassy Grill, and the atmosphere at Crowe's Pub!

Work as if you don't need the money
Love as if you've never had a broken heart
Dance as if no one were watching
Sing as if no one were listening
And live everyday as if it were your last.
-Irish saying

Self-Catering Cottages and Castles
Celtic Castles - unique castle accommodation
Elegant Ireland - castles and stately homes
Trident Holiday Homes - self-catering cottages
Self-Catering Ireland - cottages and vacation homes

Sign seen on a shop in Kinsale, County Cork:
"Out for lunch. If not back by five, out for dinner also."

Premium Accommodation
Irish Gems - havens and hideaways
Ireland's Blue Book - elegant accommodation and fine dining
Private Ireland - boutique country and town homes
Best Loved Hotels - exceptional places to stay in Ireland
Georgina Campbell's Ireland - selected quality accommodations
Hidden Ireland - accommodation in historic private houses
Alastair Sawday's - special places to stay
Manor House Hotels - luxury Irish country houses and castles

"It's not easy being Irish. You wake up in the morning with that sinking feeling. Oh, God. Another day of 'faith and begorrah', 'top of the mornin!'.  Another day of 'how are you this grand day, Father O'Malley?'.  Another day of poetry, and charm, and lyricism. Fondness for the drop. Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra. Unrelenting whimsicality.  'How are things in Gloccamora?' and 'how's your poor old Irish mother?'"
-Frank McCourt's 'The Irish and How They Got That Way'

"There is no language like the Irish for soothing and quieting."
-John Millington Synge
Ireland's most northerly point at Malin Head, Co. Donegal